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  • COVID-19 Response


  • YES We Are Open to Serve the Community!


    Our Response & Precautions

  • 1. Ozone is used for complete sterilization nightly at all stores.

  • 2. Hand sanitizer available to all customers. 

  • 3. Masks are available to all customers upon request.

  • Thank you for choosing us for your laundry services. We’re all in this together, and the least we can continue to do is provide services allowing ongoing support of the hygiene and cleanliness of our community. We are working with the CLA, Federal, State, and Municipal authorities to keep laundry services running during this crucial time.

    With COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) dominating headlines around the globe, we wanted to take a moment to let you know we are taking appropriate and recommended precautions against virus transmission. Whether our employees are at home or in the workplace, they have information and supplies that they need to protect themselves, their coworkers, and our customers. We want to be clear that we are remaining open to serve our communities throughout this time as laundries are essential businesses for the health and safety of millions.

    Here is an outline of the steps we are taking, and we encourage you to do the same:

    • We are practicing social distancing (6 feet of space from others)
    • We are regularly washing our hands following CDC Guidelines
    • Hand sanitizer is easily accessible and used often
    • We are regularly cleaning and sanitizing common use and high traffic surfaces
    • We recommend using hot water, high drying, temperatures, and proper detergents with our commercial grade equipment to effectively flush contaminants from your garments.

  • Response From The Coin Laundry Association (CLA)


    Laundromats Should Remain Open During COVID-19 Outbreak Providing Essential Service

    Oakbrook Terrace, IL - March 15, 2020: The Coin Laundry Association (CLA), the national trade association for the laundromat industry, is requesting that authorities designate laundromats as providing “essential services” during the COVID-19 outbreak. These facilities provide a basic public health service by serving millions of families with a safe place to wash and dry their clothes each and every week.

    In alignment with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations, American families should continue to observe the best levels of cleanliness and hygiene possible, including regular clothes washing, during the pandemic. Access to services is particularly important for laundromat customers who are often among low-income families with few alternatives to the neighborhood laundromat for clothes washing.

    CLA is sharing CDC recommendations with its members regarding enhanced cleaning of hard surfaces and other “high touch” areas within their stores. The industry is committed to providing the cleanest, safest environment possible for its customers. The commercial-grade washers found in laundromats provide rigorous mechanical action which combined with hot water and proper detergent use effectively flush contaminants from clothing. Commercial gas-fired dryers deliver proper heating to further protect garments from harm.

    The 30,000 small business owners of laundromats in the United States stand ready to help families keep their clothes clean during the pandemic. CLA is ready to work with Federal, state and municipal authorities to keep laundromats running during this crucial time.


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